Planitherm Glass

Planitherm glass is the most energy efficient glass on the UK market today, enabling you to cut your energy bills by up to 28%.

Where can Planitherm glass be used

Planitherm glass is designed for use in all double glazing applications, in all frame types for both new-build and replacement markets:

  • Windows and skylights in residential buildings and private domestic housing
  • Conservatories and patio doors
  • Windows and facias of non-residential buildings.

Superior Thermal Insulation

A double glazed unit incorporating  Planitherm glass is up to 3 times more thermally efficient than an ordinary double-glazed unit and offers significantly better thermal insulation compared to traditional hard coated low-E products:

  • Considerable reductions in heating bills
  • Reduces condensation on the inner pane
  • Improved comfort with less drafts and cold spots near glazed areas
  • Environmentally friendly solution, given the lower C02 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption
  • Facilitates compliance with building regulations for a wider range of frame designs

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How does Planitherm glass work?

By using advanced coatings to retain more internal warmth whilst capturing  energy from natural daylight. This advance in glass technology manufactured on Saint-Gobain glass UK’s ‘magnetron’ coater,  means that it is now possible to achieve A rated windows with your choice of window frame.

Planitherm Glass Coatings


  • A unique single-stock, high performance low-emissivity glass which can be used either annealed or toughened
  • Very neutral appearance before and after toughening
  • High light transmission
  • Optimum centre pane U-value of 1.2 W/m2K’
  • Optimised solar gain for excellent window energy ratings.


  • Offers the same aesthetic and processing benefits but with an optimum centre pane U-value of 1.3W/m2K·.


  • An exceptionally low-emissivity glass with an optimum centre pane U-value of 1.1 W /m2K”
  • Very neutral appeara nce
  • Extremely high light transmission
  • Available in a “to be toughened” version (SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA Nil).

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