Bi Fold Doors

Bi Fold Doors for Modern Space 10 DAY are an established manufacturer of bi fold doors. We offer a complete service, whether you’re looking for some folding doors to separate a lounge/diner internally or you’d like to replace your tired old patio doors with something modern and energy efficient. Improve your property and enhance your quality of life with new doors.

BI FOLD DOORS: Gain Better Access to your Garden

BBQs and warm evenings out on the terrace will be much more enjoyable when you can just slip in and out, with easy access to the kitchen. More Attractive Living Space – dramatically improve your interior décor with contemporary aluminium doors in a colour and finish of your choice. More Natural Light – enhance your living area by flooding the space with natural light. Rooms will become more pleasant to spend time in and more functional. Enjoy Surrounding Views – enjoy looking out into your beautiful garden or make the most of the surrounding views to your property. Save Energy – Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy bills by replacing existing doors with new energy efficient ones. Maximise Space – with bi fold doors you do not need to allow space for opening. This means you can have a larger dining or patio area.


We offer bi fold doors in state-of-the-art, high performance aluminium. The material is strong, long lasting and low maintenance. Its strength means profiles can be slimmer, for reduced sight lines. You’ll benefit from better views and a more attractive living space. Bi fold doors open right up allowing a clear opening of 95% so you can maximise every millimetre of available space. This may be the better option if you have a particularly small exterior patio or internal room. It will allow you to use the space more easily and have that striking bistro set you’ve always wanted. Custom Made Our bi fold doors are custom made to your requirements here in the UK and we can offer you a full range of options. You can have various configurations with multiple panels and doors can open internally or externally. Low threshold options are available for internal installations or disabled access, giving you a flush doorway. Many Colours and Finishes Folding Door Shop offer you a choice of many different colours and finishes. This means your new doors can become part of your décor and landscaping. Whether that’s a bold colour to add interest to a neutral room, a contemporary metallic finish or traditional black to complement your wrought iron patio furniture. Energy Efficient Doors have a large glass surface area and over 25% of heat escapes through windows. So, if you’re looking for folding patio doors, energy efficiency is important. Our range of aluminium folding doors will enable you to reduce your energy consumption and save money on heating bills. Frames – Our doors use advanced polyamide thermal barrier technology and have a low U-value of 1.3W/m²K on our Schuco Doors. High quality EPDM gaskets and weather brushes enhance the weather resistance of the profiles and increase the overall U-Value. Glazing – You’ll have a choice of 28mm double or triple glazed doors. We can also offer advanced features through Pilkington and Saint Gobain Glass including solar control and self-cleaning windows. U Values as low as 1.0W/m²K can be attained with A WER ratings – this is 3 times the efficiency of standard double glazing. All our products meet minimum building regulations standards and are compliant with Doc L 2010. Bi Fold Doors : Guaranteed We offer extensive warranties for your complete peace of mind. This includes a cast-iron manufacturer’s guarantee on paint work and glazing. Installation, labour and moving parts are covered too. Powder coating/paint – 25 years Glazing – 20 years Installation – 10 years Moving parts – 10 years How to get a Quick Quote You’ll be asked to provide the width and height of the opening. This doesn’t need to be exact so don’t worry about precise dimensions at this stage. If you decide to proceed with an order, a full technical survey will be carried out before we send your order to manufacture. We’ll provide you our best prices; explain all the available options, offer specialist advice concerning technical aspects. Once you’ve decided on the colour and finish you’d like, leave our experts to deal with the rest. This includes full installation at your property by our skilled bi folding door technicians. Whether you want to replace your existing doors to reduce heat loss with improved glazing, gain more space with bi folding doors, or let more light into a room and bring it to life, 10 DAY are here to help. Call and speak to an adviser now on 0151 545 0260