Aluminium Windows

Alitherm Windows are Smart Windows

All Alitherm Windows utilise Smart’s innovative polyamide thermal break technology which creates a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. This technology significantly reduces thermal transmittance and enhances the overall U value of a product.

Alitherm Windows are available in a choice of standard or non standard colours, including metallic, dual colour and Smart’s unique Sensations range of textured finishes.

The Alitherm Windows series features the new Alitherm 300, Alitherm 600, Alitherm 700 and Alitherm 800, designed to meet the exacting requirements of Document L 2010. Designed for use as fixed lights and open out windows, internally or externally beaded, for domestic and light commercial applications.
Windows are manufactured according to customer requirements from a range of standard profiles, and are designed to incorporate a range of vent openings and various options.

The windows incorporate an internal pressure equalized drainage system, with concealed down drainage through a sub sill or frontal drainage with snap on cover caps/ hooded beads.

The outer frame is 47 mm deep with two 20 or 22 mm thermal break sections within the window profiles. Joints between frame members are formed by 45º mitred corners, reinforced with extruded aluminium cleats and stainless steel corner braces, and secured either by gluing and crimping or gluing and corner cleats. Mullions and transoms are secured using either stainless steel screws driven into integral screw ports within the sections, or cruciform cleats. All joints are sealed during construction.


Product tested to BS 6375-1 Weather tightness classification:

  • Air permeability – Class C.
  • Water tightness – 600 Pa.
  • Wind resistance – 2400 Pa.

Structural profiles are designed so that maximum deflection of any glass edge into a member under windload will not exceed 1/175 of the span, with no permanent deformation.

Horizontal framing members will restrict deadload deflection to 1/400 of span, up to a maximum of 3 mm. Fixing must ensure the window is retained securely within the opening without damage or distortion to the window frame. Generally, fasteners should be positioned 150 mm from each corner and each mullion/ transom, and at centres not exceeding 600 mm. All profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy (6060/6063 T5/T6) and comply with the recommendations of BS EN 12020-2:2001/ BS 755-9:2001. Thermal breaks are formed with polyamide strips (PA 6.6 25) reinforced with glass fibre sections capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200°C: they can be overpainted.

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Alitherm 300


Commercial applications, suitable for multi-storey

  • Alitherm Parallel is ideal for insertion into curtain wall facades in both low a:nd high rise commercial buildings.
  • The system is suitable for use as either replacement windows in existing buildings, or for installation into new builds.
  • Alitherm Parallel incorporates internally beaded vents suitable for either cockspur or shoot-bolt locking.
  • The system is also suitable for use with chain-operators, operated either individually or as part of an integrated automated solution for building climate control.


Powder coat as standard ** WER A

  • U Value 1.6W/m2K using correct sealed unit
  • 1 .3W/m2K using triple glazed unit of correct sealed unit
  • Air Class 4 (600pa)
  • Water Class 9A (600pa)
  • Wind Class E (2400pa)
  • BS 7950 Security Yes (Casement & Parallel)
  • Dimensions
  • Frame Depth 70mm
  • Glass 28mm double or
  • triple glazed units
  • PL Max ala width 200mm
  • PL Max ala height 3000mm
  • SH Max ala width 838mm
  • SH Max ala height 1500mm
  • TH Max ala width 1790mm
  • TH Max ala height 2000mm

‘Parallel windows over 1500mm wide or weighing over 100kg should be motorised operation only

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